Monday, February 07, 2005

BOK draft 1 out of 3 review

The first draft is already behind us.
4 members showed up for our first BOK/BOK/BOK-draft. For some people the cards were totaly new, so lots of reading. This resulted in a rather long draft that took almost an hour.
I managed to draft a black/green deck with 5 ways of creatureremoval, decent green creatures and some ninjaguys. I think I did fine, but I don't know the other colors in the set just yet so we'll see how it turns out..
Lets play !

First opponent was Glenn. Glenn drafts normally very fast decks with everything focused on the offense. I was prepared to attack quickly, but this time he caught me by surprise. He had drafted a white deck full of prevention, redirection and some samurai's to do the damage. I got him down to 10 after a few turns but then his defense was up. Even attacking with 9 creatures didn't cause one single point of damage. Very good defense that took the game into the extra 6 turns.
Lucky for me I had won the first game because he couldn't get into the game and I had a perfect hand.
I won 1-0.

The other game between Wom and Johan ended in 2 - 0. (Don't have much info on this because Glenn kept me busy)

Next was Wom. When you play Wom you have to be very focused and cautious because he uses a lot of combattricks in his battles. If you're not prepared for it you'll lose the game. 90% of the time he drafts red. This time he paired it with a little white: 5 waxmane baku's. Man, these guys are a pain in the ... when they come out early and are backed up with lot of cheap spirit creatures.

In the first 2 matches I managed to eradicate one of them, so goodbye to all 5 :)
The first game his red damage was too much for me, the second game my creatures did what they are supposed to do so 1 - 1 after 2 games.
In the third game he got 3 waxmane baku's in play and things started to look very bad. I could stay alive until the time was up (without stalling the game ofcourse)... :)
1 - 1 draw...

Johan was in the meantime facing "the great white wall" of Glenn. Johan had some evasionspells so he got some creatures (7/7 snake offering monster) through to win the first game.
In the second game Glenn got Johan to 1 life, but it was his last turn. Time's up !
Johan won 1 - 0

Last round !
Wom won very quick from Glenn (2 - 0).
I had to face Johan. Johan had a green/blue deck with fatties and evasion. This promised to be fun. The first game we got each other to 2 and 3 life and were in topdeck mode. I drafted the removal and won the game. The next game I got my 6/6 ratoffering guy in play after turn 5 and went on to win the game. (2 - 0)

Wom 7 points
Serge 7 points
Johan 3 points
Glenn 0
Thierry DNP

In the raredraft afterwards I took the Opal-Eye, Konda’s Yojimbo, Patron of the Nezumi and Sakiko, Mother of Summer. The pool to draft from was rather poor but nevertheless it was a fun evening. I'm looking forward to the next one which will include the first appearance of the man with the unique deckbuilding skills: Thierry !

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Depechie said...

Great review !!
And it's true... I had to get me one of those waxmane baku's :(