Saturday, June 17, 2006

Battle 17-06-2006 overview

The second Dissension draft was a great success...
Here are some shots !

* Winning hand *

* The juice *

* The DCI Reporter *

* Gaming result entry *

* Nice to have *

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Event posting

Seems each time we try to get together for a Draft session, we have problems finding a good date - time & location !

To try to get around this difficult task, we created a Group Calendar at

Well just have a look it's available for public viewing here !

So it seems we will be having our 3th ( for me ) GuildPact draft next week on thuesday :), fingers crossed we can keep MulliganMan from a 4 on a row ! ( damn that Ebay money )

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Battle 17-02-2005 overview

The second BOK/BOK/BOK draft battle has been fought !
And here is the overview :

* The battle mobile *

* The battle food *

* The battle resource *

* The battle opponents *

* The battle treasure *

Monday, February 07, 2005

BOK draft 1 out of 3 review

The first draft is already behind us.
4 members showed up for our first BOK/BOK/BOK-draft. For some people the cards were totaly new, so lots of reading. This resulted in a rather long draft that took almost an hour.
I managed to draft a black/green deck with 5 ways of creatureremoval, decent green creatures and some ninjaguys. I think I did fine, but I don't know the other colors in the set just yet so we'll see how it turns out..
Lets play !

First opponent was Glenn. Glenn drafts normally very fast decks with everything focused on the offense. I was prepared to attack quickly, but this time he caught me by surprise. He had drafted a white deck full of prevention, redirection and some samurai's to do the damage. I got him down to 10 after a few turns but then his defense was up. Even attacking with 9 creatures didn't cause one single point of damage. Very good defense that took the game into the extra 6 turns.
Lucky for me I had won the first game because he couldn't get into the game and I had a perfect hand.
I won 1-0.

The other game between Wom and Johan ended in 2 - 0. (Don't have much info on this because Glenn kept me busy)

Next was Wom. When you play Wom you have to be very focused and cautious because he uses a lot of combattricks in his battles. If you're not prepared for it you'll lose the game. 90% of the time he drafts red. This time he paired it with a little white: 5 waxmane baku's. Man, these guys are a pain in the ... when they come out early and are backed up with lot of cheap spirit creatures.

In the first 2 matches I managed to eradicate one of them, so goodbye to all 5 :)
The first game his red damage was too much for me, the second game my creatures did what they are supposed to do so 1 - 1 after 2 games.
In the third game he got 3 waxmane baku's in play and things started to look very bad. I could stay alive until the time was up (without stalling the game ofcourse)... :)
1 - 1 draw...

Johan was in the meantime facing "the great white wall" of Glenn. Johan had some evasionspells so he got some creatures (7/7 snake offering monster) through to win the first game.
In the second game Glenn got Johan to 1 life, but it was his last turn. Time's up !
Johan won 1 - 0

Last round !
Wom won very quick from Glenn (2 - 0).
I had to face Johan. Johan had a green/blue deck with fatties and evasion. This promised to be fun. The first game we got each other to 2 and 3 life and were in topdeck mode. I drafted the removal and won the game. The next game I got my 6/6 ratoffering guy in play after turn 5 and went on to win the game. (2 - 0)

Wom 7 points
Serge 7 points
Johan 3 points
Glenn 0
Thierry DNP

In the raredraft afterwards I took the Opal-Eye, Konda’s Yojimbo, Patron of the Nezumi and Sakiko, Mother of Summer. The pool to draft from was rather poor but nevertheless it was a fun evening. I'm looking forward to the next one which will include the first appearance of the man with the unique deckbuilding skills: Thierry !

You gotta fight for ya right

Hmm... it are troublesome times at the WNS !
It seems it get's more and more difficult to arrange one evening for all 5 members.
The second DRAFT Battle was scheduled for wednesday night ( hence WNS ;) ) and it was planned for only 4 players.
But due to some shifting in players agenda's the battle is being moved ( not yet definitive but still ) to thursday, again for only 4 members.

Oh well, on the other hand, you try to reach the highest number of members, so there will always be someone that will not be able to play...

So good luck you guys on the next battle !
And I hope someone will give an overview the day after the battle :)

Friday, February 04, 2005

Battle 03-02-2005 overview

The first battle for this blog has been fought !
We rolled the dice... so time for an overview :

* The battle equipment *

* The battle opponents *

* The battle outfit *

* The battle food *

* The battle score *

* The battle result *

Thursday, February 03, 2005

One for all and all for one

Ok... our first draft will happen tonight, but it won't be with the complete team !!
One member will not be able to make it for the late night battle...

TvlStudio has to skip the first draft, so we are wondering if he will attend the next 2. Time will tell !

One advantage of only playing with 4 players, is that nobody will have to skip any game.

Ok good luck to everyone tonight :)

BoK Draftjes 1/3

Tonight it will be our first Betrayers of Kamigawa draft. (out of the usual 3)

Doors will be open at 19:45.
We'll start drafting at 20:10.
place: at Wommeke's

It's the first time a go to a WNS-draft unprepared so I'm curious how this will turn out.
Tomorrow I'll post a review.

Monday, January 31, 2005

Kalender februari

Mijne kalender voor februari: tot nader order ben ik elke woensdag- en donderdagavond van februari vrij.

Battle date for week 31.01 - 06.02

To all the members :

Currently we have a consensus on the play date for the week from monday 31.01 till sunday 06.02 and that is thursday 03.02 !!

So we will be seeing each other at the Outpost around 20:05 - 20:15 ...

The REAL betrayers of kamigawa

Our first post for the WNS Magic the Gathering team play bloggie thingie ;)

We created this blog to let you get the feeling about the how, what, where and when stuff around our magic friends team !
But naturally this doesn't work without a small introduction... so here we go :

The REAL Betrayers of Kamigawa are :

* JOHAN 'the oracle' SONCK
* TVL 'the I have everything in my deck' STUDIO
* WIM 'the theme deck' WOUTERS
* SERGE 'the mulligan man' OPHALVENS
* GLENN 'the only black dude' VERSWEYVELD

We normally play each Wednesday night or Thursday night at our local Magic the Gathering retailer Cyber - Gaming cafe the Outpost. And we will let you in on all the weird stuff that goes on during our fights...

See ya